PTS Physicians

Business Intelligence / Reporting


PTS Physicians wants to leverage their experience working with large health system data to offer a Software-as-a-Service product. This product would aggregate patient visits to a health system and apply in-house designed algorithms to display information that is unavailable to most health systems. This product, called ‘Patient Care Optimizer’ would allow business decision makers within the health system to analyze this information to make informed decisions about how money stays within the health system based on doctor referrals, how money is lost based on patients not being followed-up on after major conditions, and outcomes of specialties and doctors and their patients.


Provato was contracted to work with the PTS Physicians team to come up with a system architecture to accomplish this goal. This would involve aggregating significant amounts of hospital data into a SQL Server data warehouse. To do so, Provato would design an ETL process to bring together data from multiple disparate data sources. Working with their data analysts, Provato would translate their in-house designed algorithms into stored procedures and functions to derive the information they want to demonstrate to their clients. The final piece would be a web-based application to display information charts, graphs, and tables.


Through an iterative design and development process, Provato delivered a solution that met all of PTS Physician’s needs, and most importantly their SaaS customer’s needs. The web application was deployed and has effectively brought together data from multiple hospital data sources in a meaningful way to present the information necessary to make critical business decisions about health system operations.

Technologies Used

  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • SQL Server 2008
  • C# 4.0
  • Stored Procedures/Functions