Ultra Tech Machinery

Taking Manual Processes Online


Ultra Tech Machinery has a large warehouse of numerous parts, ranging in size from a screw to large machine parts. They have never efficiently tracked these parts to know what’s in stock when opening new Purchase Orders for jobs for their customers, or finding parts when working on a job order. They want to develop a new system that would include handheld devices to scan parts coming into their warehouse, scan when using parts for a project, and ultimately scan when moving unused parts to an inventory cage for future use.


Provato was contracted to work with Ultra Tech Machinery to design a system that would accommodate their needs for this new system. After prototyping base concepts, Provato proposed using QR Codes and Barcodes to leverage Ultra Tech Machinery’s existing label printers. Provato proposed building two web-based applications for this solution: first, an information system for showing where parts were located, the history of parts, and a location administration tool for managing their different warehouses, respective bays, respective racks, and respective bins where parts would be stored. Second, a web service that would contain all logic that an iPod application could call when scanning barcodes.


Ultra Tech Machinery is currently leveraging this inventory system for all parts that enter their warehouse. This has resulted in increased efficiency in their warehouse and for their employees to track, locate, and use parts when working on job orders. Armed with accurate inventory data, Ultra Tech Machinery can save costs by reducing unnecessary orders and making use of all parts on hand.

Technologies Used

  • C# 5.0
  • SQL Server 2008
  • Entity Framework
  • iOS Development